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It’s been awhile… this blog has definitely gone by the wayside.  Life is just too much right now.  With 3 boys under the age of 5… my free time (read: after bedtime) is spent with Wine and TV and Instagram.  Or sleeping.  But mostly wine.  I do not have the capacity to form coherent thoughts and put them down in a coherent way, as much as I wish I did.


Look at these guys.  Trouble.  But goodness me do I love them.

Today though I am breaking my blog silence.  My dear, lovely, kind, too-generous mother has taken the 2 younger ones to kinder korner and the oldest is in school.  Peace.  Hot coffee.  Quiet.  I can think.

And boy have I been doing a lot of thinking lately.  My 3rd and final mat leave is coming to an end.  Just 2 weeks left before I go back to work – for good. So a lot of thinking, and a lot of emotions.  As parents we crave those “firsts” – first time the baby smiles, rolls over, sits up, crawls, walks… etc.  But lately all I’ve been doing is dwelling on the “lasts”.  This is the last time that I’ll have the freedom and opportunity to spend ALL day EVERY day with my kids.  And that makes me sad that I didn’t do enough with them.  And we did a lot (thanks again mostly because of my dear, lovely, kind, too-generous mother).

One of the things that I have done consistently over the years of pregnancy and maternity leaves is attend FITMOM classes – all the Fitmom classes: Prenatal, Baby, Stroller Strength and Bootcamp.  The owner of Fitmom Ottawa is Sue.  Who I have now had the pleasure of knowing for 5 years.  Sue.  Sue. Sue. What can I say about Sue.  What can I say about Sue without getting too emotional.


Sue is… she is the one that is always in your corner, and you don’t even realize when it happens, when you don’t even know you need someone in your corner.  She is the NICEST person ever (she even said nice things about me {https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FFITMOMOttawa%2Fposts%2F1203354873009132%3A0&width=500” target=”_blank”>here}, so you know she has to be THE nicest).  Sue has been there from the beginning and has helped me in more ways than just the physical.  Although she will kick your butt big time at class.  90 second wall sits, while 38 weeks pregnant, oh ya, she makes you do those, no excuses.  Burpees.  Ugh.  I think Sue secretly enjoys watching our faces after she says “And now burpees!”.

Sue has created something special with Fitmom Ottawa.  A wonderful, safe, fun, challenging space that is disguised as a fitness class.  While you work out, you get the added benefit of being surrounded by amazing ladies, and before you know it you are sucked in to this community of support.  And usually with the added benefit of feeling stronger, faster, more fit, more beautiful.  Sue has done what few can do, she has provided somewhere for women to go and feel completely at ease, while working out!  I have met some incredible women through Fitmom, some whom I am privileged to now call my friends.  Who can see by the look on someone’s face that they need some extra support, or to vent, or have questions.  Sue is judgement free.  Her classes are judgement free.   No topic is off limits, no question too silly, no conversation too repetitive.

The success of Fitmom Ottawa, why we all keep coming back for more, is 100% Sue.  It is ALL her.  You can tell by how she leads the classes that she LOVES doing it, and truly cares about you, as an individual.

So while I am sad that my days of prenatal, and baby-wearing, and strollercizing classes are over, I look forward to continuing with the Fitwoman bootcamp classes.  And spending at least one evening a week, and maybe the odd full pint, with the magical Sue.  Who I am so lucky to call a friend.


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